Washington District 4

Establish Interleague Play Now

Thanks to the great team at Cascade Little League for creating the fall schedules this year.

Part of the fun of Little League is meeting different people and making new friends. Interleague games are great for making these connections, and your league can play other Little Leagues in your area by merely completing the Interleague Play form.

Interleague play is a discussion your Board of Directors can have now, even before knowing how many teams you will field for next season. Establishing the right contacts at other leagues, and laying the groundwork in the offseason will help your league have a successful, enjoyable interleague experience.

Available to any division you charter, organizing games are as simple as filling out the Interleague Play Form and having your District Administrator and Little League Regional Office approve it before any games being played. Both leagues must have teams chartered in the division(s) wanting to participate in interleague play.